It’s a GOOD day to write!

It’s a cold, grey, snowy day. The plumber never showed. The electrician never called to reschedule from not showing yesterday. One of my sons is dealing with a cracked tooth. My bum knee is whining at me, the result of slipping on the ice outside on Monday.

WritingAnd yet, and yet. It’s a GOOD day!

Why? Because today I dove back into my novel and started writing again.

I’ve neglected it for more than a month. Life got in the way. My business got in the way. We traveled twice (to Arizona, which was great for getting out of the cold and grey and snow but not so good for concentrated writing time).

In fact, I’ve been out of touch with it for long enough that I had to go back and reread the last few chapters.

Rereading what I’d already written reminded me of how much I like these characters, this story. And how much there still is to say about them.

Editor DefinitionToday was more about editing than writing. Rereading those earlier scenes made me eager to fix the glaring continuity issue that had turned up in a later one. And to change something in response to a comment from a critique partner.

Tomorrow I have two more scenes to revise. I’m working with a book coach, and I have notes from our last phone call to integrate into those two scenes.

And then, I move on to new words, new situations.

Which have been percolating in my brain for a while now. Time to pour out and taste the new brew!

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