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Since January, I’ve been involved in a Super Secret Project (OK, not so secret recently). I’ve written one in a series of twelve connected books. The books will be available on Amazon starting tomorrow, one per week. Mine is Book 3: release date October 13.

The Thurston Hotel Books are standalone contemporary romances connected by common settings, characters and events. To see all the covers, meet the authors, read the blurbs, and see a map of Harmony, go to

Twelve books, eleven authors. Our Project Mom has been tearing her hair out, I imagine, as she’s been shepherding us through this process and keeping us on track. Some of us had published before, but for some of us (including me!), this is our first published novel.

The books take place in the fictional town of Harmony, Alberta. Nestled in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, this town of around 12,000 plays host to tourists who come for the mountain sports and beautiful scenery. The Thurston Hotel, a stately historical building that opened in 1916, plays a role in all of our stories.

We’ve got hotel staff and local business folks interacting with tourists and residents. We’ve got a few little mysteries. We even have rumours of a ghost haunting the hotel.

But mostly, we’ve got romances. Each book is a full story, complete in itself, that represents one month, and the plot centers mostly on that month in 2016. Several plotlines overlap and one recurring plotline begins in January (Book 1) and culminates in a wedding in December (Book 12).

So come by the website tomorrow to get the first book.

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